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Peruvian spanish Accent Peru is the country of smiles, and of calm people, who love to dance. They are very friendly, fun and relaxed. We will make you enter the interior of the Latin spirit of this warm people with burnt cinnamon skin, of beautiful and long dark hair, women and men smiling with charming brown eyes, and we share with our students its loud and beautiful music, its culture of bright colors, dances, intense and fiery flavors, in short, all its joy of living.

Learn the beautiest kind of spanish, understandable throughout all Latinoamerica and understandable even for brazilians, portugueses, latinos in EE.UU.and Spain. Peruvian spanish possess 90% of vocabulary, slams, phrases and idioms of the spanish language all over the hispano-world with an easy going accent.

Latino spanish had its own characteristics, very different from the Spanish of Europe.

Peruvian spanish is the most neutral in the world, with the best accent spanish, clear, ellegant and distingued, peruvian spanish from Lima, clearly understandable by all latinoamerican people, even for the total hispanic community in united states. Peruvian spanish is remarcable in all latino countries, for it pleasant and friendly accent than spanish from europe.This is tne true Latino experience, learn peruvian laguage inthe comfort of your home - Boost your resume. Call us and demand our placement test, For detailed information on our courses please write or contact us whasapp +51 - 991719770 - -

Our methodology With only qualified native teachers One to one Personal Teaching establishment in 2001, have the visión of an cosmopolitan academia, maintaining its stature as one of the most modern, forward-looking, and liberal spanish academy for all people. It blends and combine the most modern and motivating methodology with knowledge of all civilization, tradition and culture of latino countries. Students are also in contact to a beautiful and culturally rich peruvian and latino culture. We are accredited and recognized by the Peruvian Ministry of Education in Lima. Our Natural Approach & Conversation class methodology give students the ability to express themselves in a particular every day situation through their lessons. Our curricula has been carefully designed to help you understand Spanish better and fast. Because we believe that each student has his or her own unique strengths, the structure of our courses is flexible and personalized. Most courses will use a textbook that serves as a guide and study reference.

Spanish for families, adults and children. We're a small school in Peru and excel in professionalism, customer service and quality of our personnal online classes adapted to your special needs.We're at the forefront of spanish classes, today, capaciting families, adults and children. Our online spanish school,with 20 years of experience teaching language skills to students of numerous nationalities, ages and interests. With qualified local natives Peruvian teachers. Improve your spanish, practice while learning more about Peru and latinoameruca. Suscribe to our free virtual multilingual magazine Peruvian Heritage. Just send us an email with your details and you'll get it totally free at:



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Beginner Spanish (real starter - very basic) Elementary Spanish Low Intermediate SpanishIntermediate Spanish Low Advanced Spanish Advanced SpanishConversational Spanish (all levels) Travelers Spanish (all levels) Business Spanish (only from low intermediate)

Kids and Young learners Spanish (bilingual families)LACEMENT WITH LOCAL FAMILIES (With families eager for a different experience an culture) All year round we have peruvian students who are learning English, French and Portuguese wanting to open their homes with a friendly and bilingual traveller to improve their language level in exchange of cheap accommodation. To have a true and complete cultural experience while you also improve your spanish and make friends for life.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE Our programs are an exceptional opportunity for anyone wanting to improve their Spanish skills. Working as a volunteer, you will not only learn Spanish in a native environment, but you will also collaborate with the local Peruvian communities and gain valuable work experience.

Our program run from 3 weeks to 6 months and are open to any applicant who sincerely wants to share his/her experience and skills and who is ready to make a commitment to volunteering. The minimum age to participate is 18, specially ideal for language teachers, students, cultural officers, interpreters, translators, educational students, health professionals or any traveller.


During the first phase, we provide you with a Spanish language course (in Lima or Online before traveling). When you arrive, we provide accommodation with a host family with half board (breakfast and dinner) to guarantee your language immersion prior your voluntary work period. We also organize your volunteer work program and transfers.


If you like to travel, and surely there are many interesting destinations awaiting for you, but do you know what to do once you get there? Of course, you will visit the cultural and historical sights around, and what's next? Will it be satisfying enough for you? Volunteering can make your trip feel purposeful and worthwhile; it gives you something to do, somewhere to go, somewhere to stay and someone to share the experience with.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF Working voluntarily on a charity project within an international group of motivated and dynamic young people is a major challenge through which you can learn so much about yourself. This unique environment can reveal new sides of your character and personality. You will test your cooperation with completely different people coming from diverse cultural backgrounds.











All you need to do is send us all your details and course requirements in our Contact Form easy to download clicking in CONTACTANOS in our main page or send us the following forms easy to download, just click in: We provide a range of extracurricular activities like salsa lessons, city tours, social cultural activities, and weekend excursions, internship opportunities to immerse students in the history and culture of Peru. Our school is located in the heart of Lima, San Isidro suburb, on the way to the bustling center and the Plaza de Armas.
To book a course, you must pay in advance 50% to guarantee a placement. If you're abroad, we can organize your payment via PayPal, bank draft or Western Union.

WANT MORE INFORMATION OR TALK TO AN ADVISER Please contact or make an appointment with one of our advisers to guide you via SKYPE sending us a FORM with your details and the words "I WANT A SKYPE APPOINTMENT FOR SPANISH COURSES".

RE SCHEDULING CLASSES = The student may reschedule a class without penalty by notifying the Academic Coordinator at least 24 hours before the class is set to begin. Please note that any messages to reschedule need to reach us during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. GMT -5 hours). Classes that are not cancelled in time are billed for.

PAYING FOR SPANISH LESSONS = Payment for classes is due at least 48 hours before the beginning of the class. If we do not receive the student's payment in time, his/her teacher will not be able to take the class. REFUNDS POLICY = If for any reason the student should decide not to continue with the program, we will grant him/her an 70% refund on all untaken classes. The student should notify the Academic Coordinator at least 48 hours in advance of his/her next class. The student is responsible for covering all payment transfer fees.

STUDY MATERIALS = All course material is for One to One Peru students' unique use. It must not be shared, sold or otherwise distributed to other students or companies. TECHNICAL ISSUES = One to One Peru cannot be responsible for breaks in communication arising from technical issues with the student's computer or internet connection. In the event of a fault with our system the student's teacher will arrange for him/her to be credited with extra time if necessary.
Local family wants to practice English2 bedrooms, shared toilet 3 weeks to 1 month

2 travellers . Local family wants to practice french 1 bedroom, shared toilet 2 to 3 weeks

1 traveller

Local family wants to practice English

1 bedroom, independent toilet

1 to 3 months. 1 traveller

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